The Benefits of Stretching – What They Are and The Importance of Stretching Everyday

Top Benefits of Stretching – What They Are and The Importance of Stretching Everyday

One of the top benefits stretching everyday gives you, is the ability to keep your muscles strong, healthy and most importantly, flexible.

You need that flexibility to maintain a wide range of motion in your joints because without it, your muscles will shorten and tighten up.  

Then what happens when you go to use those muscles?  

They’re weak, don’t extend all the way, and you feel sore. This is the importance of daily stretching. 

Benefits of stretching include getting your body ready to move, improved work performance, mental clarity and preventing potential injury. 

Stretching is not just essential for athletes but for everyone. Many people have desk jobs who are prone to tightened hip flexors and neck extensors for example. These tightened muscles can put unwarranted stress on the lower back and neck causing pain later. 

Many understand the importance of stretching before or after exercise but the benefits of stretching every day are often underestimated.

It seems hard to find time out of our busy day to perform stretches, so a great way to combat this is to make the time while we do other activities.  

Some examples could be… 

Taking a warm shower and do some hamstring and quad stretches. 

While waiting for your coffee to brew, just pull your head down to your chest to stretch your neck extensors. (These are the muscles associated with forward head carriage and that annoying pain at the base of the neck).  

Try some yoga stretches while taking in your evening show.  

You’ll find the benefits of daily stretching give you: 

    •  Improved posture 
    • Increased flexibility and range of motion 
    • Increased blood flow to your muscles 
    • Heal and prevent back/neck injury 

It’s also one of the best ways for you to release stress, maintain a calm mind and importantly, protect your mental wellness.  

Do you need help with stretching? Do you have annoying pain that just won’t seem to go away no matter what you try? 

Give us a call at Thrive Spine and Sports Rehab to set up an appointment to discuss with one of our great rehab specialists in Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, and Acupuncture. 

Brian Matfus

Brian Matfus

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What is Cupping Therapy? Benefits and Dangers of Cupping

What is Cupping Therapy? Benefits and Dangers of Cupping

What is Cupping Therapy? Benefits and Dangers of Cupping

What is cupping therapy? 

Cupping is a technique that uses glass, plastic or silicone cups as suction applied to the skin to influence circulation. By producing suction with said cups, a decompression factor is created. 

Think of cupping as a reverse massage.  

Instead of compression being applied to the body, the decompression helps lift the body’s tissues into the cup and disperse or break up any local stagnation.  

Cupping therapy benefits relieves muscle tension, reduces inflammation and improves circulation.   

Does cupping therapy work? 

There are two different forms of cupping therapy.  

One is stationary cupping, which when once applied the cups do not move. The other is sliding cupping, which allows cups to be moved gently across the body while maintaining suction.  

Both forms of cupping produce the same effects, but in some cases one can be more beneficial than the other. Typically, once the cups have been applied, they remain in place and hold suction for about ten minutes.  

Cupping therapy works to improve your overall blood flow and promotes cellular repair to also help form new connective tissues and create new blood vessels in the tissue. 

Is Cupping Therapy Dangerous and Does it Have Side Effects? 

Cupping therapy is not dangerous and the primary side effect of cupping is temporary (a few days up to a week) skin discoloration. The marks that can be left after a cupping session may look like bruises, but there is no pain associated with them. Skin discoloration varies from person to person and is often correlated to the level of dysfunction. 

Clint Price L.Ac

Clint Price L.Ac

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The Experts in Cryotherapy in Monmouth County

Cryotherapy monmouth county

Thrive’s Spine & Sports Rehab, are experts in cryotherapy in Monmouth County are located in Spring Lake, NJ

They host a wide range of recovery techniques whether it be treating an athletic injury to improving performance. Thrive is geared up to showcase their wide range of talents and specialties. Through their time in business, Thrive has continuously sought out the latest and greatest recovery strategies to bring to their clients. The team’s latest innovation is its use of cryotherapy or “cold therapy”. Cryotherapy hosts a wide range of health benefits and is promoted by celebrities, such as Mark Wahlberg. Benefits include improving the regeneration of cells and reducing muscle inflammation.  Thrive’s Spine & Sports Rehab are experts in cryotherapy in Monmouth County through their use of a full-body electric approach.

Cryotherapy is traditionally done by exposing one’s body to extremely low temperatures for a relatively short period of time.

The process itself is not a new one by any means. It was a common form of treatment used back in the time of the Ancient Greeks. Overtime, cryotherapy has been transformed and has spread all over the world due to its use as an effective form of treatment.

The standard strategy used in cryotherapy is by using liquid nitrogen. However, this is not a technique that the Spine & Sports Rehab endorses. Thrive’s electric approach is a much more effective form of cryotherapy. They drop the temperature to somewhere between −110°C and −140°C. for roughly only a few seconds. The whole-body exposure activates the Central Nervous System and numbs any nerve pain in the process. Electric cryotherapy produces almost immediate results by allowing the skin, muscle, and core temperatures more rapidly than other techniques. 

Multiple sessions are encouraged for long term success, but benefits can be felt after only one.

Uses are not just for athletes, they can also help other individuals by alleviating symptoms such as migraine and arthritic pain. Another benefit is that it can trigger physiological responses by releasing adrenaline, noradrenaline, and endorphins in the brain. The three of these chemicals are mood-boosting hormones that can help lessen feelings of anxiety and depression. A case study found that 30% of participants who used electric cryotherapy had better results than the alternative.

Electric not only provides a more effective treatment over traditional nitrogen but, it is also a much safer alternative. By exposing the body to liquid nitrogen, one is allowing themselves to inhale fumes that can be toxic. Nitrogen cryotherapy has been shown to cause forced air burns and other respiratory issues. Electric cryotherapy uses freshly oxygen air, similar to that of a refrigerator, and has been safely tracked over a database with no reported incidents to date.

Thrive’s experts bring this latest innovation to their cryotherapy in Monmouth County allowing for a safe and effective form of treatment for a variety of conditions. The team provides the highest level of care and is dedicated to allowing the body to utilize its natural recovery processes. Electric cryotherapy is cutting edge and is sure to be the most innovative technique taking cryotherapy to new heights.

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