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Freehold Acupuncture

Freehold Acupuncture

Acupuncture therapy is a painless and natural physical therapy method that produces immediate and lasting improvements in strength, range of motion, and pain. Thrive has provided therapy via acupuncture over the 12 years licensed as part of our continuous journey in the physical therapy industry.

Acupuncture services include:

  • Standard acupuncture therapy
  • Neuro electrical acupuncture therapy
  • Cupping therapy

Acupuncture Therapy in Thrive’s Freehold Location:

Our team of professional acupuncturists combine traditional wisdom with the latest techniques to provide customized treatment, comfort, and education for clients. Our acupuncture therapy service in Freehold is aimed to offer holistic well-being as part of an individualized physical therapy plan and preventative healthcare.

Benefits of acupuncture therapy

  • Reset pain at the nerve level by tapping into the nervous system
  • Target specific pain points in muscles and nerves all over the body
  • Eliminates muscle tightness and inflammation
  • Alleviate pressure in areas (sinus cavities, for example)
  • Increase body movement function and promote performance enhancement
  • Work to strengthen muscles
  • Resolve recurring neck and back pain
  • Treat athletes’ sports injuries as well as any individual’s chronic pain
  • Promote reflection, meditation, and mindfulness of physical and mental feelings

Freehold Community’s Acupuncture Clinic

People that come here are searching for a way to beat chronic pain and discomfort. We offer acupuncture as a natural, whole-body solution that will relieve pain, inflammation, and strengthen the body.

With our family acupuncture clinic in Freehold, every member of the family can receive natural pain relief. This form of physical therapy improves physical wellness for active athletes, elderly individuals, parents, and kids.

Thrive Spine & Sports Rehab in Freehold will be there to assist you. Our experts in acupuncture are available in our Freehold location for residents in Freehold Township, Manalapan, Marlboro, Holmdel, Tinton Falls, Farmingdale, and other surrounding towns in Monmouth County.

Come to See Us in Freehold for Acupuncture Therapy & More

Thrive Physical Therapy has a Freehold location which offers many services from Sports Rehab to Acupuncture. Our wellness center offers acupuncture treatment after centuries of Eastern medicine has captured the attention of modern science. Our therapists who offer acupuncture treatment believe this form of therapy has remarkable healing capabilities. When you’re here ask about:

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