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Can Acupuncture Therapy Cure Neck Pain?

Can Acupuncture Therapy Cure Neck Pain?

Acupuncture has many uses–one of which is to combat neck pain. This form of therapy is approximately 2500 years old, according to ​​"The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine" by Huangdi Neijing, which dates back to around 100 BCE.

Acupuncture therapy for neck pain freehold, nj

Today, intelligent and cutting-edge therapists are combining modern science and Western medicine with old, Eastern therapy practices like acupuncture. As a result, the professional acupuncturists of Thrive Spine and Sports Rehabilitation believe that acupuncture therapy can and will reduce neck pain.

The goal of this therapy is to find the root cause of neck pain and work to diminish that pain through multiple acupuncture sessions. Thrive’s acupuncturists develop customized wellness plans for patients to understand the root cause of neck pain. For many individuals, acupuncture is just one part of a necessary and greater plan for physical therapy, health, and wellness.

Acupuncture is all about moderating the flow of energy within patients. A seasoned acupuncturist understands which muscles affect different body parts–and how that might translate to pain, stiffness, or discomfort.

There are a few ways that acupuncture therapy can reduce and cure neck pain. Acupuncture is known to release muscle tightness and tension. So, acupuncturists use thin, painless, single-use needles to stimulate blood flow and reduce muscle tightness. The needles are strategically inserted in (acu)pressure points and this stimulates the body’s natural healing function.

Benefits of Acupuncture When Healing Chronic Neck Pain or Stiffness

Acupuncture cupping neck pain freehold, nj

When seeking relief from chronic neck pain, patients can derive many benefits from acupuncture therapy because paper-thin needles dive under the skin to activate the body’s natural healing process. For neck pain and injuries in this area, an acupuncturist will stimulate healing on and around the neck…

  • Around the base of the skull where neck muscles attach which can relieve neck pain, headaches, and dizziness
  • Between top of the shoulder and middle of the neck to target neck stiffness and tension as well as shoulder or trapezius muscle pain
  • Between the base of the skull, back of the neck, and top of the spine to target neck and shoulder tension, headaches, and reduce neck pain
  • The side of the hand below the pinky finger is actually effective to reduce neck pain and stiffness
  • Between thumb and index finger on the hand–the pressure point can influence blood and energy flow to the neck for pain and tension relief

These are common areas that acupuncturists will target to reduce neck pain and stimulate healing.

In just one session, targeting these pressure points can relieve neck pain and stiffness. For most patients, it takes up to three sessions to feel significantly better. For other patients with longer-standing injuries or pain–a custom, six-to-twelve-week acupuncture program may be in order. For everyone, relief of neck pain will come gradually depending on the severity of that pain and the associated root cause.

Acupuncturists will target common muscles and nerves around the neck to stimulate blood flow and relieve tension. After talking with patients, acupuncturists can understand which pressure points, muscles, and body parts may be associated with the root cause of neck pain.

Most importantly, acupuncture therapy for neck pain will promote advanced relaxation. Neck pain can disrupt the most simple activities–from working to sleeping. After an acupuncture session, patients will feel looser and find it easier to relax. What’s more, patients may achieve reduced stress and anxiety.

Individuals who are recovering from injury or surgery have found use for Thrive’s acupuncture therapy. Thrive has treated neck pain with acupuncture for all sorts of individuals–like young athletes, men and women, as well as elderly individuals.

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Possible Side-Effects of Acupuncture Therapy

When combating neck pain by implementing acupuncture therapy, there are a few things patients and acupuncturists should be aware of…

Pain and swelling around the needle sites is common but should never be too much of a worry. There should never be a time when pain from acupuncture exceeds the level of neck pain that necessitated therapy. In some cases, acupuncture can lead to mild bruising or tenderness.

While the possibility is very low, there is a chance of infection when using needles. However, Thrive’s acupuncturists will always use sterile, single-use needles to prevent infection. Patients should clean the area of injection after acupuncture for neck pain.

For very sensitive patients, there is risk of dizziness or feeling of faintness immediately after the session. It’s important to move slowly, drink water, and relax directly after acupuncture treatment. What’s more, there is a chance patients may feel nausea or a headache–but this is not common.

Finally, there is a chance that acupuncture can lead to drowsiness. However, this can also be seen as a benefit if the patient was in need of relaxation and/or sleep.

The Drawbacks of Neck Pain

So, are the drawbacks of acupuncture worse than the drawbacks of living with chronic neck pain?

Living with neck pain just means an individual will do less of what they love. Operating at less than 100% means that every task–from work to play–will be as difficult as the severity of pain.

What’s more, living and working through an injury makes an individual more accident prone. Even if neck pain is supported, there is a chance that sudden, unexpected movement could make it worse. Whether it’s as simple as a quick turning of the head to watch a sports game, or when crossing through traffic–living with chronic neck pain will make these everyday tasks harder and open the individual up to the possibility of injury.

Finally, some people will resort to pain numbing pharmaceuticals when they feel there’s no way out of chronic neck pain. However, this quick pain relief opens that person up to a whole slew of side effects and brings that person no closer to living a healthy, pain-free life and thriving every day. Acupuncture is not only an avenue that can cure neck pain, but it’s a holistic and natural therapy channel that has very few side-effects which are far less serious than those associated with pain-numbing drugs.

Acupuncturists at Thrive Spine & Sports Rehab

AJ Adamczyk is the owner and founder of Thrive. He is a licensed acupuncturist who treats patients at Thrive’s Belmar location as well as Thrive’s Freehold office. As a result, acupuncture is one of the main pillars of physical wellness at Thrive.

In addition, Clint Price and Aaron Park are two licensed acupuncturists who work at both Thrive locations. So, patients can receive top quality acupuncture care for neck pain in Belmar or Freehold offices.

At Thrive, the acupuncturists are focused on quality not quantity when it comes to treating patients for neck pain. Time is spent to diagnose root causes of pain and to provide a plan for acupuncture sessions weekly over a course of time that is planned according to the severity of pain or injury.

Thrive’s acupuncturists are students of wellness–having themselves been patients over the years as active athletes. At Thrive, acupuncturists have patience to work with patients who have issues similar to what they’ve personally dealt with as well as have solved for others.

Thrive’s Approach to Acupuncture Care for Patients with Neck Pain in NJ

Neck pain is no new ailment, and neither is acupuncture therapy. What is new: The implementation and integration of acupuncture into common Western medicine and physical therapy.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to acupuncture. However, working with a Thrive acupuncturist, patients will be able to get to the bottom of the issues causing neck pain.

Acupuncture therapy is an investment in pain free life. Some individuals can feel results immediately, while others must work harder to build and maintain lifelong health with acupuncture. If more attention and work is required to heal pain or an injury, Thrive can support a three-pronged therapy approach with acupuncture, physical therapy, and chiropractic care.

Acupuncture FAQ

Does acupuncture help chronic neck pain?

Yes, acupuncture has been found to alleviate neck pain, according to Thrive Spine & Sports Rehabilitation acupuncture practitioners and patients. If more services are necessary, Thrive’s healthcare professionals can also offer a recovery plan including physical therapy and chiropractic care, in addition to acupuncture for neck pain.

How many acupuncture sessions are recommended to heal neck pain?

Many patients can feel a 50% reduction in neck pain after two or three acupuncture sessions. Thrive’s trusted healthcare practitioners work with patients to outline an acupuncture plan to heal neck pain with weekly sessions over a course of time designed to meet the severity of the root cause of pain.

What does acupuncture mean to Thrive?

Thrive Spine and Sports Rehab was built by an acupuncturist and sports recovery professional who offered this therapy method as the leading form of care from day one.

What are common causes of neck pain?

  • Sports-related injury
  • Poor posture
  • Stress
  • Bad sleeping habits
  • Lack of stretching and physical activity

What are some complementary forms of therapy to go along with acupuncture?

Depending on what we feel is best for that patient, they will see multiple doctors here like acupuncturists, chiropractors, and physical therapists. Longstanding pain relief will be noticed faster by reducing dysfunction in the body via acupuncture as well as through strength and manual therapy. The goal is to make strides, change habits where necessary, and hold for a long, pain-free life.

Thrive is built with a multi-pronged approach designed to yield the greatest results in the fastest time to get athletes back on the field or parents and grandparents playing with their kids again.

What are the main benefits of acupuncture?

The main benefits of acupuncture for sports recovery are pain and tension relief, improved blood flow and joint function, as well as increased muscle range of motion Other benefits of acupuncture include great relief for sleep, digestion, stress, and anxiety too.

Why does acupuncture work? What is the mechanism at work?

Acupuncture is such a profound stimulation to the system. The needle below the skin offers a larger reaction sending stimulation throughout the body, nerves, and to the brain–initiating a healing state. The stimulation of acupuncture initiates a change that puts your body’s natural healing mechanism into overdrive.

What does an acupuncturist do to relieve neck pain?

Thrive’s acupuncturists will talk to patients with neck pain over a questionnaire to find out how long the problem has persisted. At the first session, hair-thin needles are placed in and around the neck and body to relieve muscle tension. Depending on the root cause, an acupuncturist will develop custom protocol for a patient to open up range of motion and muscle tension, and to relieve pain

Patients will find relief after one session. However, long standing pain or injury may require weekly sessions over a longer course of time.

Who should receive acupuncture care?

Anyone with pain or who is recovering from injury should inquire with a trusted healthcare provider about acupuncture therapy at Thrive Spine and Sports Rehab.

When do you know you need acupuncture?

Many patients find acupuncture therapy at Thrive after trying other methods or providers. When patients with neck pain, for example, get great results from acupuncture care it immediately becomes the first line of defense for their own physical and mental wellness.

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