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Physical Therapy for Trigger Finger

Physical Therapy for Trigger Finger

If you have ever experienced pain or reduced dexterity in any of your fingers, then you know how distressing this can be. Even the most mundane activities can be troublesome and agonizing when you’re dealing with a finger condition like a trigger finger.

Individuals might often lack an understanding of the importance of functional rehabilitation. In a recovery center, they ensure returning you to your previous activity levels. It’s recommended for a team of experts to work with you to develop a treatment plan tailored to your needs, in this case trigger fingers. Here’s what you need to know about trigger fingers and how physical therapy can improve your recovery time.

What Is A Trigger Finger?

Trigger finger, also known as stenosing tenosynovitis, is a condition in which your fingers become stiff and painful when you write or type for an extended period of time. When a trigger finger occurs, the affected finger’s tendon sheath becomes inflamed and narrows. In acute cases, the finger may become locked in a bent position.

Common Symptoms

It’s critical to be aware of the symptoms of a trigger finger so you can get treatment as soon as possible. The following are some of the most common ones:

  • Morning stiffness in the fingers is a common occurrence.
  • Popping or clicking sounds, along with pain, whenever you try to straighten or bend your finger.
  • The finger is locking and fails to straighten out.
  • A small, sensitive lump at the bottom of your thumb or finger.


Start Your Functional Rehabilitation Today

If you have recently suffered an injury to your finger or hand or have had surgery on one of those, our experienced team of therapists can help you regain full function and range of motion. At Thrive & Sports Rehab, we offer a variety of finger physical therapy services, including exercises and stretches designed to improve finger flexibility and strength.

Our goal is for our patients to recover quickly and safely so they can return to normal activities as soon as possible. Our recovery center offers the best finger physical therapy and functional rehabilitation, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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